Together, we can fly!

Little Witch Academia’s
New Challenge:
A VR Game!

Teaser Trailer

TRIGGER’s Little Witch Academia
will be available as a VR broom racing game
in which you can freely fly around the sky
with Akko and her friends!

Little Witch Academia began in 2013
as an Anime Mirai project, released a movie
through crowdfunding, and was adapted
as a TV series in 2017.

The story has grown with fans around the world,
and now it’s stepping into uncharted territories!

Everyone, please support this project!


The most amazing flying experience
using the latest VR technology!

The player becomes a character in the game and can freely fly
around the sky on a broom and race using magic.

Tag team with a LWA character!

You can team up with one of the LWA characters and try the Bonding Race!
Also, depending on your partner, the magic and items will change!